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    Task 1:

    The figures indicates the proportion of cars that British owned between 1971 and 2007.
    Overall, car ownership divided into four classes: from no car to two cars and three cars or more. All trends from these classes seems to be completely distinct.
    According to the graph, two statistics which have several changes are no car and two cars. The percentages of British who had no car reduced sharply every year. The upper limit was nearly 50% from the beginning then half decreased in 2007. By contrast, there was an upward trend in two cars ownership. In 1971, its proportion was approximately 7% and went up close on four times after four decades.
    On the other hand, one car also three cars or more owners fluctuated really slightly. The figure of one car remained steadily along with stood at 45%. People who had not under three cars raised slowly, however, it still reached the smallest quantity of ownership.
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