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    Write about the different ways society treats men and women in your country?
    Are they treated equally? Are men treated better then women? Do women have any rights? Does the goverment or the police protect women?

    The evidence of history, culture and lifestyle of the Vietnamese has reflected very clearly about the woman and has had huge success in society and the family. The ancient era had the Queens “Trung Trac, Trung Nhi” who have repelled the invasion of foreign people .
    Currently, the more the country develops and integrates, the more Gender equality reflects clearly as salary and the working time of women and men are alike.
    In Viet Nam, there are two days for women, Mar 8[th] and Oct 20[th]. On those days, women are honored and receive flowers or presents and men will do all things so women can rest. However, men do not have any formal days.
    Today, not only men have an important role in society and the government but there are women who are CEOs, professors and the President of the National Assembly in Vietnam is a woman, her name is Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan.
    The government in Viet Nam has laws to protect women and gender equality and founded the Viet Nam Women’s Union which is the organization that protects the interests of women and their voices.
    But the ethnic minority women of Viet Nam have additional issues. There is a high poverty rate. Because these women are uneducated as their families cannot afford to send them to school when they reach the age of fifteen. These women have no jobs or low-paying jobs and have limited health services.
    In today’s world Vietnamese women have labor demands put on them from their families and from society. They have to work as hard as men and in addition they are responsible for the housework. They are able to handle the home finances; and they are good wives, good mothers and are usually the cook of the family.
    In my opinion women work outside the home and are responsible for the work at home so men in the family should share their housework, take care of the children with their wives. However, this issue is outside the law as there is no law protecting women in this regard.
    But I believe that when society develops futher and people become more aware then equality will be present in Viet Nam and around the world.

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