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Task2: It is important for travelers and business people to understand…

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    It is important for travelers and business people to understand the cultures they come into contact with, however briefly. What are the main advantages of doing so? What do you think is the main disadvantage of not doing so?
    There is no doubt that the number of visitors and businessmen who are traveling abroad has been increasing markedly in recent years. However, not surprisingly, understanding the culture of local people brings many benefits for all type of travelers as well as problems for those who do not know a new culture. This essay will discuss advantages of understanding other cultures and drawbacks due to not comprehending them.
    First of all, no sensible person can deny the importance of understanding a new culture. This means, your awareness will help you both avoid violating local taboos and approach the resident’s life when you come to the new land. For instance, when you visit the Asian temples, it is not permitted to wear short and colorful clothes because it is impolite for the saint. Another example, the Indonesian can consider it is an arrogant act if you fold your arms or put your hand inside the pocket while talking with others. So, comprehending cultural characteristics is very necessary for those who want to travel or live abroad.
    Besides that, for a businessman who wants to make a profit and run a lucrative business in another country ought to have some knowledge about interests and aspects of people in that country. For example, a person who imports some conservative clothes into a country whose people are not religious. Consequently, everything goes badly and he cannot sell anything. It is clear that capturing the culture also helps businessmen succeed in expanding the market.
    However, the lack of understanding of cultures and traditions would lead to misunderstanding and increased tension between countries. Take Islamic countries, for instance. In these countries, a kiss towards unmarried women was banned by Islamic law. As a result, if people from other countries give a kiss to the women by a way of greeting, they will into trouble. So, you will have a lot of troubles if you do not find out about particular cultures of the host country.
    In conclusion, it is essential for visitors and business people to get to know and be familiar with some aspects of people’s personalities in the host country to be able to enjoy their journeys and run a profitable business. In the future, if travelers and business people understand more the cultures of the countries, misunderstandings and troubles will disappear, and the economies will grow.


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