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Task2_Causes and Solutiona_Environment

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    5. Today, most of people understand the importance of protecting the environment, while some people think individuals are too weak to take actions and make a difference. Discuss why do such people hold this opinion and tell what should be done to solve the problem.
    It is true that the awareness of most members of society about environment preservation today has been raised substantially, while there are still a minority of people that are reluctant to take actions. There are a variety of possible reasons for this, but steps can be taken to tackle this problem.
    In my opinion, three main causes are to blame for this adverse behavior. Firstly, some people don’t know the suitable way to save the environment. Secondly, numerous negative habits are hard to change immediately. For example, plastic bags are almost necessary accessories of every shopping goer in Vietnam. Thirdly, people do not want to waste their money on daily objects; furthermore, it is much more expensive to buy a product that is friendly to the environment and wrapped by paper. Finally, to gain profit as much as possible, some manufacturers have skipped sewage purifying process and discharged polluted water directly into rivers.
    Bad habits can certainly be improved. The enterprises and government should give an impulse to campaign and provide informative lessons about protecting the environment through communication media, commercials, social networks,… Therefore, everyone should build for themselves a spirit of determination to avoid using products that cannot be recycled. Extra fees should be imposed on garbage that is difficult to biodegrade from both factories and residents, and individuals that do not meet the sewage solving standards should be fined heavily. At the same time, the government should have policies such as giving subsidies for friendly environmentally product manufacture, decreasing prices of reusable bags, bottles,… to encourage citizens to preserve nature.
    In conclusion, it is important to protect the environment, and people should join their hands to make the earth more worth living.

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