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Teachers vs Parents influence

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    Once children start school, the teachers have more influence on their intellectual and social development than parents.
    To what extend do you agree or disagree?

    Some people think that when kids start to go to school, teachers will then influent them with learning and developing social skills more than their parents do. In my perspective, I disagree with this idea.
    On the one hand, teachers can have children’s attention because they provide a large amount of knowledge. For kids’ intellectual, teachers know exactly where to find information for any question that children ask for. By giving kids information they want, teachers build up their searching skill and cultivate learning attitude. For social connection, teachers usually have several effective ways to develop their pupils’ skills. For example, teachers may demand kids to some tasks that require working in groups. As a result, children will then learn how to make friends with the others and expand their social network.
    On the other hand, while it is true that teachers have a big influence on kids, parents affect their children in some other ways. Firstly, since parents have a better connection to their beloved, they can fully understand what their children need and what problems they are facing at school. Therefore, parents have the ability to give children advices without having them feel judged. Secondly, most parents also have jobs so they have the experience in making friends. They then share what they have experienced with their children in personal talks that teachers cannot have.
    In conclusion, I believe that parents will just have as much influence as teachers on children’s intellectual and social development when kids go to school.

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    Feel free to leave your comments, thank you!

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