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Technology and interaction

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    Nowadays, the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology. Has this become a positive or negative development?

    In recent years, the advent of technology makes a lot of changes to the way individuals use to make interations with others. While I accept that technology has several advantages, I believe that this also has some drawbacks.

    On the one hand, there are variety of reasons why changes lead by technology benefit relationship between people. First of all, the advent of technology development allows individuals to communicate with each other in faster and cheaper ways. Taking online messenger applications such as facebook messenger or snapchat as an example, people might keep in touch with their friends only by immediately sending or receiving message, files via said internet-based applications, being free of charge but internet fee. Furthermore, technology offers a lot of convenient online flatforms to learning or doing business. Indeed, enrolling university courses or taking part in business coferences has been easily conducted through distance learning and online meeting that is supported by information technology, digital equipments.

    On the other hand, technology has made advert changes to the ways people interact with each other. Firstly, individuals especially adolescent tend to be isolated from real life and face-to-face communication because of regularly using internet or social network. As a result, these teenagers are unable to concentrate on exactly expressing their mind. Secondly, the more technology stools people use, the more over-dependence on technology people are. For instant, from time to time I have suddenly forgotten my password to login email and that is a really serious problem as I cannot do any working tasks without using email.

    In conclusion, it is certainly true that the development of technology benifits the interactions between people in modern life, but I also believe that this leads several disadvantages that people should consider.

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