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that the best way to improve the general well-being of schoolchildren

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    A group of people thinks the way to improve healthily is teaching physical education necessary in school. Others say that a few effect on public health and other way is needed. This essay will discuss both views about this argument.

    Some people believe that the best way to improve health should have the physical subject in all school. When children usually learn sports, it will make their health better. Physical and psychological benefits created by sports activities contributed their healthy body. Some regular practice of games such as badminton, football or basketball increase the heart rate and form that it helps improve their health of the individual. Furthermore, join the game can help reduce stress at workplace and sport related activities will help the people is leading a healthy lifestyle.

    On the other hand, other people think sports facilities will have a few effect and other measures are needed. They believe that practice is more effective and more important or some programs bring some benefit to them. For them, some activities people can practice is always more effective than building the sports facilities. Moreover, during our lifetime we change lifestyle much. For example, people have a different way to effective in their health than before such as working style, eating habits, living areas. I think these are the main reason for leading them to lifestyle good or not. So, they should control their lifestyle will have more benefits than build sports facilities.

    In conclusion, improve health through physical education or sports facilities is not the best way. I think we can choose the other way to improve their health depends on what they want and things they need.

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