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The older generation tend to have traditional ideas

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    Mình muốn chỉnh cách triển khai ý trong task 3, nâng cao từ vựng trong topic này và sử dụng những cấu trúc hay hơn cho bài task3 ạ. Thanks ^^.
    Topic: The older generation tend to have traditional ideas about how people still play people should live, think and behave. – However some people believe that these ideas are not helpful in preparing the younger generations for modern life. To what extend do you agree or disagree with this view?
    It is that traditional emphasis of older people is now not useful for younger people. I think that traditional values are not suitable in some cases but I also believe that they still meaningful in some cases.

    On the one hand, some of the value of earlier people are outdated at the moment. For instance, students were recommended to have a certain profession in order to get a safe occupation. Besides, the idea that independently decision in marriage eventually is being imprinted into young generation attitudes towards gender parts. Most young people are no longer accept the notion: breadwinner and housewife.

    On the other hand, some elderly people’s emphases are still significant and necessary for modern life. For example, older generations always advise us to study hard, work passionately, doing our best and take pride in our work and they certainly are good for young generation in today rival market. Good manners and politeness are perhaps seen useful traditional characteristics. In our flat world, it is more important to treat people with respect, it is especially profitable for young adults. Finally I believe that young adult would have a happy lives if they had a more old-fashioned sense of community and neighborliness.
    In conclusion, though older values sometimes seem not appropriate for today’s life, we should not dismiss traditional value as irrelevant.

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    [5/15/2018, 2:28:30 PM] Cám ơn các bạn!

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