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TonyK opinion 26 Technology and wealth

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    Some people believe the range of technology available to individuals today
    is increasing the gap between poor people and rich people. Others think it
    is having an opposite effect. Discuss these points of view. What is your

    While some people argue that a variety of technology advancements in modern
    times lead to a rise in the social distance between the wealthy and the
    poor, others suppose that the technology development gives more
    opportunities for ones who desire to change their life. In my opinion,
    technology progress is both opportunity and challenge for contemporary

    On the one hand, the development of technology let the gap between the rich
    and the poor incline significantly. One reason is that the wealthy people
    or business have enough money to possess a new advancement of technology
    and use it to improve their present status considerably. For example, a
    manufacturing machine with better quality and quantity is invented, and
    only businesses who can purchase it will have more advantages compared to
    competitors. Furthermore, technology provides many benefits when it comes
    to aspects such as education, work efficiency or even relationship. With a
    smart phone today, people are able to perform a large number of tasks more
    conveniently and effectively, from learning a language in spare time, to
    conducting an online meeting or looking for a relationship through social
    network applications. Therefore, they will have more chances to make money
    and enhance life standards.

    On the other hand, the technology also gives the opportunities to the poor
    who are desirous to change their life and family. Internet is one of the
    greatest inventions which connect people all over the world and let the
    world become flat. Nowadays, people could learn anything they want from the
    internet and apply for a job or scholarship in foreign countries. Hence,
    effort might raise one person’s life and social position to new high level
    thanks to the aid of technology. Moreover, the available wide range of
    technology helps creative people have an opportunity to combine them and
    make a new invention. For instance, in the past, the mobile phone was only
    used for calling, and the computer was merely utilized for installing
    software.Then, a student had an idea to make a product which is able to
    function both as a phone and a computer; and iphone was born and made a
    giant breakthrough in the industry of phone technology.

    In conclusion, everything has two sides, including the technology.
    Personally, I believe that it is whether a challenge or a chance, becoming
    richer or poorer depending on how people utilize it and create with it.

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