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Topic 11_opinipn_space tourism

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    Task 2 (opinion)
    Space travel has been possible for some time and some people believe that space tourism could be developed in the future.
    Do you think it is a positive or negative development?
    Nowadays, there is a new trend of tourism, called space tourism, which has had some particular success and is desired to become a hot tendency in the future. Personally, while I accept that this can lead to some positive effects on the society, I do believe that the detrimental impacts outweigh the advantages.
    It is undeniable that space travel brings an abundance of benefits to human. First of all, we have a great opportunity to explore the infinite universe, which our ancestors just dreamed about. Besides, by venturing the space, human, especially someone who is passionate for studying about the cosmos, is triggered and has more motivation to pursue their passions.
    Having said that, however, I consider space tourism as a waste of human resources. It is obvious that this kind of travel is fairly dangerous and even leads to some severe consequences. For more details, if you want to go on excursion to universe, you must have abilities to encounter high pressure as well as the gravity which is many times less than that of the Earth. In general, space tourism requires not only strength but also skills of survival, so it is quite dangerous for those who do not completely healthy. Another reason is that the fee people have to pay for each flight is too expensive and absolutely unnecessary if travelers just aim at exploring and relaxing. Instead, we can utilize this enormous money for professional research of improving infrastructure on the Earth where they are living, which is obviously more meaningful than wasting a huge amount of money just for entertainment.
    All in all, it is evident that space tourism is an essential step of human to understand the cosmos, but it should by no means the hot trend in the future because people should spend money on developing their lives rather than wasting resources on this kind of travel.

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