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    Nowadays, international tourism is the biggest industry in the world. Unfortunately, international tourism creates tension rather than understanding between people from different cultures.
    Do you agree or disagree?

    International tourism has become one the largest and most profitable field in the world’s industry these days. However, some people believe that the massive growth of international tourism does not have a good impact on the cultural exchanging, instead, it creates excessive tension between people from different countries. In my view, I think the advance of tourism is still the key to bring mutual understanding in cultures to individuals from around the world.

    Indeed, tension could occur in some circumstances, but the chance of encountering these situations is rare. In fact, just a small number of tourists has complaint about their conflicts with the locals during their vacations. A survey conducted by Vietnamese government in 2010 has indicated that only 2 percent of tourists was dissatisfied with their experience about Vietnamese citizens. Most of these people were the victims of robbery or got in conflicts with local vendors with overpriced items. Therefore, this survey has reflected that international tourism has no significant on creating tension between people.

    On the other hand, with more and more people spending their holidays in another country, every nation’s cultures can be easily widespread. When a tourist comes to explore a country, the local people will have a chance to share everything from the lifestyles to daily routines or even their traditional foods. Eventually, the tourist will learn the country’s culture and adapt some of the local traditions to bring back home. Moreover, after finishing their trips, tourists return home to tell the others about their fantastic experience of the new cultures. As a consequence, more people will be attracted and come to exchange cultural knowledge.

    In conclusion, I believe the growing of tourist industry does not create significant tension. In fact, it builds up the mutual understanding between people from different cultures.

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