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Traffic and accommodation problems are increasing and government

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    Traffic and accommodation problems are increasing and government should encourage some businesses to move from cities to rural areas. Does advantage outweigh the disadvantages?

    The question that several corporations’ movements to remote areas for the improvement of traffic and accommodation create more benefits or more drawbacks has been debatable constantly. While I concede that this method does not work to some extent, I believe on a long-term view, its advantages are more justifiable.
    At the negative aspect, it’s safe to say that businesses and their workforce are likely to face with some burning problems. Firstly, moving from metropolises to countryside can weaken their profitability, especially, finance. This is because most of the potential customers have been living and finding long-term partners in megacities for their convenience. This leads to restricted access and serious obstacle in the path of marketing as well as selling. Secondly, work quality might be less effective since a great deal of people living in small towns and villages might lack of efficient education and useful personal skills. As a result, if employers would like to maintain high value for their corporations, it takes time to make their workers be well-trained.
    Nevertheless, I claim that the above drawbacks are outweighed by several benefits. As its simplest, this solution is really helpful in contributing for environment preservation. In fact, there has been an increase in the number of people migrating from countryside to urban centres for their educational and employment opportunities. This results in a wide range of alarming social and environmental issues such as overpopulation, traffic congestion, air pollution, etc. Therefore, the aforementioned movements should be taken in consideration in this case. Another advantage is that providing that company and factory constructions are encouraged more in remote locations, should the rate of unemployment there is sharply decreased. In other words, inhabitants living in suburbs are likely to have more employee opportunities in order to earn a living.
    In conclusion, while acknowledging the inconvenience this measure can make, I would state that it contains more great values playing a crucial role in the development of society.

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