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    Today more people are travelling than ever before. Why it is the case? What are the benefits of travelling for the travellers

    Nowadays a number of people take a trip significantly increase than it was.
    It is easy to buy a cheap flight ticket if specific plan is set. Servere competition in airlines sector and tourist companies drive reansonable price with good service that even students or workers can affort it as well. Puplic information in regards with destinations, accommodations, transportations can be easily found by one click. More and more people want to get out their comfort zone to explore the world. Family group usually have a trip severed by tourist companies while teenager or single people love to travel by themselves. As a result, travelling is easy than ever.
    Peope can hardly imagine how advantage of travelling brings to them. Coming to new places is to explore new culture, enjoy local cuisine, meeting people or even learning how to earn for living. For instance, enjoy sushi in Japan, Kimchi in Korea, skiing in winter in Canada, trecking in Nepal or even join in special festival in Thailand. Hide away from normal life and immerse yourself in a new place to enjoy new things is extremely relax. After coming back from the trip, energy is filled out to continue studying and working effectively.

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