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Unpaid community services in high school

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    Topic: Some people believe that unpaid community service should be a compulsory part of high school programs. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

    One of the most controversial debates today relates to whether high school should require non-profit activities or not. While some citizens argue that it will be hard and inefficient, I will analyse both sides carefully before drawing a reasoned conclusion.
    According to one camp, there are a handful of advantages that social unpaid works should bring to youngsters. To begin, community based programmes help high school students to improve their personalities and develop their socializing skills which play an indispensable part in their future studies and professional occupations. Social circles of students, for instance, will be widen vastly by learning how to communicate with people who are out of their comfort zones. Furthermore, employing social activities in educational schedule instils moral and ethical values in the mind of the youth which is degenerating in today’s generation excessively.
    According to the other camp, community unpaid activities of school curriculum can lead to massive adverse consequences. Dealing with homeless or patients in hospitals demand flexibitity rather than merely volunteerism. The more students join in social activities, the more likely they can take risks. Besides, participating these programmes means students have to share their time with other activities. As a result, teachers and students will distract academic subjects inevitably and their studies would become even harder within a limited period of time.
    All in all, after hashing out the pros and cons, I definitely agree that social unpaid programmes should be a mandatory part of high school curriculum.

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