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vd task 2 education 8

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    The richer countries leave the poorer for such a long distance of many aspects combining education. This essay is written to present why and how to handle the far gap of education between two kinds of country.
    To begin with, the difference of two country types is huge, which leads to a far gap of education. First is about the richer, some developed countries have money excessively for progressing education by equipping digital devices, renovating educational system, developing training process of staffs. As a result, they not only have thousands of the most modern devices but also have many high trained-teachers that effect students and education directly. In contrast, many developing or poor countries even do not have enough money for material needs such as food, water and house fee. Therefore, revamping education which is such the time-consuming and money-consuming work is not a small obstacle for them.
    This is the global serious issue. Therefore, to solve it, nations have to carry out some measures. Initially, world should establish a global educational organization which is created by the collaboration between many countries. As a consequence, the richer can help and support the poorer through this organization. Moreover, in this way, the friendship and solidary can be created over the world. Next, schools and colleges in developing countries should raise a fund to organize many interconnected events such as exchanging students or international workshops that have the presence of schools’ representatives in developed countries. Hence, students in the lower level of education have opportunities to contact with the progressive education to learn from. In some cases, they can use it to develop their countries.
    In conclusion, the gap between two types of country is undoubted and so far. Therefore, government should implement these solutions to have better results in future.

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