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    The lifestyle in the past world is not same experience as in the modern, because people lived in the small community. This eassay will discuss both the pros and cons of this view.
    To begin with the upsides. There are a several reasons proving the benifits of living in the small village. First of all is having more conection with people living around , because inhabitants who stayed in the small area were so friendly. They seem their neighbours like family members, always paid attention on each other and readied to help within having problem. Moreover, living in the unite community which could teach the children live more sociably and know how to behave towards others well.
    However, all positions are always have two sides, not except this. The unique disavantage of this positon is be annoyed by others. As you know, living in the small area did not guarantee for personal life. you must live near alot of people and had to care many things. Moreover, somes interfered in your life. lead to you would not a space for you own and it could make you stress.
    In conclusion, I suppose that living in the small community is good, because it can make people become closer, which lacks of in the modern lifestyle, futhermore can teach the children about the unite and socialbe life. Instead of a negligible drawback

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