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    Undoubtedly, parents play an important role in kids’ development. However, some build up too high expectation of their children for many reasons. This essay is written to discuss about both points.
    There are various reason why some parents put much pressure on their offsprings. Firstly, kids are all parents’ love. Thus, they want to give their children the best things and want kids’ future to be as bright as possible. Thereforce, they force children to study or do everything that they think it is good for their dear sons/daughters. By chance, what parents do causes amount of pressure on children. Secondly, kids are families’ pride. Indeed, some families have tradition that the younger must be as prosperous as the elder and other siblings in family. In this case, not only parents but also other members of family make a great burden about the studying result for kids, which totally harms their psychology and raises some serious issues.
    Certainly, every parent wants offsprings to thrive, so they have to do a number of things: intitially, parents should be special teachers who teach not only about the human’s knowledge, but also to the real life and experience that they have been through, which totally helps kids within whole their lives. Next, parents must give offsprings all their love, which seems useless in educating, but it strongly effects to the building personality process of kids. For example, if a child grows and lives in a perfect environment which is covered excusively by love, he/she will have a good attitude and maybe success in futue. By contrast, if kids mature without love and care of parents, they easily make mistakes and commit serious crimes in their lives.
    In conclusion, parents effect kids directly, so the better parents treat, the more children achieve.

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    [5/29/2018, 12:30:53 AM] Cám ơn các bạn!

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    at comment a11, mature is also a verb

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