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    The bar chart the number of foreign tourists and the table illustrate the change in rank of 5 countries on visitors to Britain in 2004 and 2005.
    Overall, the travelers came to Britain decrease over the period. Most of countries in top 5 having the percentage of people arriving Britain were positive change.
    December was the month having largest people coming to Britain in each year and reach about 800 thousands in 2004 and 750 thousands in 2005. The most significant decrease was seen in September with the change was nearly a half. This is the same trend on January and June, by constrast, the trend on March was mere incerease in the number of visitors.
    While the number of Australian visitors increased 2% and rose to first place, these of Japan reduced 3%. However, it still managed to remain in second place in 2005. South Korea had the figure of visitors rose rapidly with 7% and replaced the forth position of China gone out of list. India surge 13% travelers to help this country reached to keep fifth position.
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