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W- Task 2- Education

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    Topic: Some people believe that children spend too much time doing things they like and not enough time doing school work.
    What do you think children should be doing?
    Write at least 250 words.

    Nowadays, it takes children a lot of time to do things they like and they don’t have enough time to do their school work. It mostly depends on their awareness of the importance between their hobbies and significant work.
    To solve this problem, children should get motivated about establishing a new routine.
    They should find out what mission of their life is as well as their dreams and goals and then they can conquer them. Therefore, they will be able to get awareness of spending their time reasonably. They should find that education is the shortest road leading to success. They should spend more time focusing on their lessons as well as doing regularly their school work to widen their knowledge and get more experiences about teamwork and communication skills. Moreover, they should choose friends who are hard-working, helpful and self-motivated. It helps children to get more motivated so they can motivate themselves to keep moving forward. In addition, children should take up some outside activities instead of playing games and becoming addicted easily. They can hang out with their loved ones, play sports, go to the gym. It helps them to connect to people and have a healthy life as well.
    Each child has their own interests. However, they should consider what necessary things to relax and things to help them get high status in society. Avoiding getting addicted to their own hobbies.

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