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W – Task 2 – Teach children how to be a good member of society

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    People have different views about the method of teaching their offspring to become a good person of society. While school is an ideally place for student to acquire this, I do believe that family also have a big impact on children’s thinking and behaviors.
    On the one hand, I concur that school can help children in educating them to be a useful person of the community. Going to school is somehow considered as living in a small social environment where student have to comply strictly rules of school to have right behaviors and to be trained as a good person in future. For example, school should reinforce student in small grade to avoid bad actions such as: fighting, teasing or jeering friends, and in higher grade to stay away from society’s vices such as: indecent dressing, pocket picking, drug addiction or even robbery, killing. Besides that, school also encourage student to have small actions of helping people around like supporting friends cleaning classroom or carrying heavy furniture, or to be a contribution to the society such as attending voluntary activities in their neighborhood. Therefore, school is a good place for student to get a standard ethics which could guides them to behave right and contribute in a positive way to the society.
    On the other hand, I highly appreciate that children can be taught in a responsible way by their parent to be a good person of community. Firstly, parent often know and understand their children’s characteristic better than teacher, so they can have an appropriate method to approaching their children while in school, teacher do not have much time to take care for each student. For example, to teach a student about their mistake, parent could easily talk to children softly and in privates in times of little or no stress, this seems to be way more effective and compassionate than it would be in school methods such as being punished. Secondly, children are affected by their parent a lots, they often learn and imitate from parent’s behaving; so being a good person of society is an effective way to teach offspring to become the same person like parent do. Finally, because of love, parent always put more efforts and responsible in teaching their offspring to become a good citizen more than anyone else.
    In conclusion, there are good reasons why school and especially family should be a place to train children to become a good inhabitant of community.

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