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    The line graph illustrates the figure for unemployment in the US and Japan over the period of 6 years.
    Overall, unemployment rate in Japan increased from 1993 to 1999. By contract, United State saw the trend of decline, however, the percentage of work force of US in most years was higher than that of Japan over the period shown.
    In March 1993, the amount of unemployment of Japan was approximately 2.5 percent, which was its lowest point during the 6 year period. Besides, the percentage of unemployment in US reach to a peak of 7 percent. Throughout the remainder of the period, there was a gradual decline in US unemployment rate, which fell to 5 % by March of 1999.
    In the 1993-1998 period, the unemployment rate in Japan varies more significantly than in the US. It emerged to below 5.5 percent which was the highest point, before I overtook the proportion of US at above 5 percent in May of 1998. The following period, the figure for unemployment witnessed a slightly fall to 5 percent.

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