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    In many countries, women are able to join the armed forces now on the equal basis of men. However, some people think only men should be members of the army, navy and air force. Do you agree or disagree?
    There have been argument women could enroll the army as men do, while others debate that men would be allowed to become component of the army. In my view, we should limit the proportion of women in the army, navy or air force for several crucial reasons below.
    Many of us would agree that the arms forces require extraordinary physical strengths that enables men to perform duty distinctly with respect to women. Especially during the armed forces training period, men have to undergo many difficult tasks including climbing over mountains, shooting exercises and boxing tournaments that need tremendous endurance that women does not have. For example, my uncle who served in Vietnam’s navy, I personally have a chance to observe the level of training that he was undertook, it was extremely challenges and some time he faced with few physical injuries. Due to such weariness, risky and problematic jobs, many of his colleagues could not manage to continue of training and leave the professional army.
    However, there are several responsibilities associated with the function of women. First, from past to present, a woman is accountable for taking care of their family. For example, the majority of women around the world spend a great deal of time to look after the one that they love including their kid and their husband. Second, male are less emotional in nature than women. In reality, men soldiers who fight on the battle that they are very strong and brave by heart and they will not hesitate to destroy their enemy. Therefore, if we put a large proportion of women in war, they might defeat due to the lack of extremely endurance, and as a result, they could not protect their countries.
    In conclusion, in my view, we should restrict the percentage of women for participating into the armed forces due to some reasons above and this is by no means the only route to fulfilment.

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