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    Nowadays, students in a number of schools are said to misbehave. Although there are diverse causes for this, steps can be taken to mitigate these problems.
    There are two primary reasons why students do not follow some disciplines at their school. The main reason is due to their busy parents. In the modern life, where most people have to work hard to earn their livings, parents seem to have inadequate time to educate their youngsters about moral values such as teacher respect. This leads to improper behavior of their children at school. Another reason is the influence of media with continuous news relating to poor-qualified teachers, who insult their leaners, employ corporal punishment or even abuse sexually with them. Consequently, students do not express deep appreciation towards those who provide them with valuable knowledge; that’s why, they tend to disobey their teachers at school.
    However, various measures can be taken to handle the problems. The first solution would be to raise parents’ cooperation with school in teaching students by workshops. These workshops can be established by schools to raise the awareness of their roles in improving their children’s morals. Furthermore, these problems could be solved by introducing exemplary models of teachers who devote their whole life to via popular media. Thank to this, instructors can gain more respects from their schoolchildren, which may result in better attitudes in class.
    In conclusion, it is clear that parents and society could certainly join hands to implement a range of measures to reduce students’ poor behavior in class.
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