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    It is important for all towns and cities to have large public spaces such as squares and parks. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
    Nowadays, the mass exodus of people migrating to big cities and major towns for job opportunities has created the lack of space. Therefore, some people hold the opinion that it is necessary for the authorities to save land for economic or housing projects. However, I strongly support the idea of constructing squares or parks due to their vital roles in city and town life.
    The first key function of these public spaces is to create places for the inhabitants to entertain. After a hard-working period, they find it essential to unwind with their family in a spacious area. Especially when there is certain special occasion, public places such as squares could be an ideal place where people can gather and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere together. For instance, on the first day of new year, not only city dwellers or townspeople but also tourists from other regions can watch the firework display and join various activities celebrated thehre. Such communal celebrations can bring mental benefits to the citizens. If they felt satisfied with the place where they inhabited, they would generate more enegy for their work and life.
    Another advantage of large green spaces and open places of pleasure is for people to acquire physical merits. With these open spaces, people could be protected from polluted air which is mainly caused by fumes exhausted from indistrial zones and vehicles. Specifically in the parks, while the elderly could do exercise to maintain their good health, the youth can take part in a variety of activities to strengthen their bodies in in clean environment.
    For the reasons mentioned above, I believe that it is crucial for towns and cities to preserve these social resources for their community in order to enhance both their mental and physical health.
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