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Writing Part 2 – 2 part question

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    [7/4/2018, 12:29:35 AM] Cám ơn các bạn!


    It is common for young people to have different attitudes and ideas to those of their parents and grandchildren.

    In your society, how to these attitudes and ideas differ between the generations?

    In your view, do these differences lead to any problems?


    1: Intro
    2: Older generations often more conservative -> don’t like changes -> focus more on moral values and tradition
    Younger generation is more open -> like changes -> focus more on technology and entertainment. More bold with words -> just speak their minds.
    3: communication problem -> widen generation gap -> misunderstanding -> gradually pushing people away -> nuclear family as a result / not extended family -> people dont get the support they need
    Knowledge might get lost.
    4. Conclusion

    It is true that people belonging to different generations have a range of opinions and idealism that might not go well together. There are a lot of such disagreements in my society and I think those would lead to some serious problems.

    In my country, the attitudes and ideas diverge greatly between generations. On the one hand, the older generations are often more conservative when it comes to changes. They usually put a lot of focus on moral values and traditions which can be quite rigid and tedious for young people to cope with. On the other hand, the younger generation is a lot more open to advancement, especially on fields such as technology or entertainment. In addition to that, the young are also very bold with their words. They just speak their minds about what they believe, which often is interpreted as disrespect.

    The dissimilarity in idealism and attitudes between generations could potentially lead to numerous crucial dilemmas. In my opinion, misunderstanding usually happens when people have conflicted opinions. As a result, such misunderstanding creates a large generation gap that gradually pushes people away. For example, in some modern societies, nuclear families rapidly replace the traditional extended families as people find out that they are no longer in tune with their parents. Therefore, some cultural beliefs and knowledges might get lost because of the lack of propagation.

    In conclusion, conflict of interest between generations can create an impenetrable gap which can be very detrimental for people of all ages.

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    Well done! Keep it up and you will be on the way to the top!

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