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Writing task 1 -mixed

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    The pie chart illustrates how much time workers in the UK commute to work in 2009 on average. The bar chart gives information about means of transport employees in London and the rest of the UK use to go to their working places in 20009.

    Overall, most people in UK spent under 30 minutes on going to their working places whereas car was the most common vehicle that can be used to travel to work in 2009.

    As can be seen from the pie chart, 42% employee confirmed that 1-15 minutes were the amount of time spent on their commuting to work, followed by the figures for 16-30 minutes with 33%. In contrast, only 12%, 8% and 5% employee admitted that it took them 31-45, 45-60 and over 60 minutes respectively to travel to their working places.

    In terms of the bar chart, 38% workers commuted by car to work every day in London whereas the figure was doubled in other cities of the UK. In addition, train and underground were the second and third favorable vehicles for the same purpose, with just 20% and 18% respectively while the figures for them in other places of the UK were trivial. Meanwhile, the figures for other means of transport including walk, bus and bicycle shared nearly the same quantity in and out of London.

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