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Writing Task 1-Pie Charts

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    The pie charts shown compare the percentage of residents falling into various age ranges in Yemen and Italy in two separate years, 2000 and 2050.
    Overall, it is noticeable that Yemen had the younger population than Italy in 2000, and the same trend is also forecasted over the following 50 years. Furthermore, the rates of elderly people in both countries will experience upward tendencies during the timescale.
    In the year 2000, a considerable majority of inhabitants in Yemen were aged 0-14 years, at 50.1%, as opposed to only 14.3% in Italy. However, while individuals aged 15-59 years made up 61.6% of the total population in Italy, only 46.3% was attributed to this age group in Yemen. The least figures of Yemen and Italy belonged to the 60+-year-old group, at 3.6% and 24.1% respectively.
    50 years later, the incidence of youngsters is expected to increase significantly in Yemen, 15-59-year-olds occupying 57.3%, along with 37.0% of children aged 0-14 years. In contrast, the percentage of Italian over-60-year population is anticipated to rise by nearly twice, at 42.3% in 2050. Besides, 0-14-year group is more likely to account for 11.5% and the age range of 15-59 years is able to gain 46.2% at the end of the time.

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    [01:06:48, 14/8/2018] Cám ơn các bạn!

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    Thank you so much.

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