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Writing task 2

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    Topic: Because of the busy pace of modern life, many children spend most of
    their time indoors and have little exposure to the natural world.
    How important is it for children to learn to understand and appreciate
    nature? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from
    your own knowledge or experience.

    Today, due to the busy modern life and the development of high technology,
    children spend most of their time staying indoors while making little
    interaction with nature. This lead to the unanswerable question about the
    necessity to teach children to understand and be grateful for the natural
    world. In my opinion, learning about nature will have a good impact on
    children in the long run and therefore should be encouraged.

    The fact is we can not live without nature. The natural world provides us
    with all the resources needed for our lives, from food, water, air and all
    kinds of electrical energy. To make life become more comfortable, we build
    houses to protect us from dangerous disasters and animal threats. However,
    as we go further by cutting trees, polluting rivers, sea, the air and
    hunting animals, we have damaged the natural life. The consequence of these
    activities is global warming, climate change, melting glaciers, plastic
    pollution in the sea and so on. But the next generation – children are the
    one who held onto the worst thing. The reasons why all of these happen is
    because we separate ourselves from nature, teach children that human is the
    best species and there is no need to appreciate nature. Therefore, by
    educating children about the precious of the natural world, we will give
    them a chance to not repeat the mistake of adults. So that when the
    children grow up, they could try their best to protect the nature.

    On the other hand, keeping children out of nature could decline their
    health. They might get cold and other diseases easier when they have to go
    outside. Moreover, staying indoors all the time, children will not have the
    suitable light for reading and studying. As a result, there is now a high
    number of short-sighted children. For the benefits of children, they should
    be encouraged to exposure more to the natural world.

    In conclusion, educating children and let them interact more with nature is
    a wise action for the advantage of their health and the future of the

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