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    While it is widely accepted that making an income is the top priority in opting for a line of work, I hold the view that there are more contributing factors making a decision on a profession.

    On the one hand, money is of paramount importance. Firstly, earning a living might be the fundamental principle of individuals going to work. If salary’s people were grossly underpaid, they would not have enough money to afford public amenities such as a house or a motorbike or to raise their family. Secondly, a high salary is likely to be main reason making workers feel motivated and pleasure. This means that a lucrative income might be considered as a gift to all the workers’ efforts, which not only stimulate motivation but allow them to feel a sense of accomplishment too. These examples put an emphasis on the importance of money whilst opting for a career.

    On the other hand, there exist significantly practical issues that employees need to pay attention to. The first element which should be taken care of is the vocational qualification. If companies’ employers require a bachelor degree, it would be tough for employees to engage in a desirable occupation without such a degree, which leads these persons to fail to generate money. Another significant point in making great contributions to a job is passion. Workers who work for a lucrative income with no interest in their calling have a tendency to soon abandon their work. For instance, Dan Hauer has dropped his job in his country, and he had travelled to Vietnam and is teaching English as a teacher and an inspirer.

    In conclusion, all the reasons given above prove that besides salary, a multitude of critical factors plays a crucial role in deciding on an occupation.

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