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Writing Task 2 Agree or disagree.

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    Environmental problems are serious many countries. It means that the only possible way to protect the environment is at an international level. To what extent do you agree or disagree on this hypothesis.

    Environment-related issues are getting more and more serious. Some people advocate the only effective way to protect the environment is to reply on international collaboration between nations whereas it is my contention is that there are other alternative solutions to tackle this issue.

    It is sensible that nations worldwide should join forces and make efforts to address environmental issues for several underlying reasons. The first justification is that developed nations can share experiences and environmentally friendly technologies to help each other to deal with environmental pollution. In fact, many developing nations have the shortage of budget or green technology, making it impossible for them to clean contaminated water and air or prevent chemicals from factories from releasing into rivers and lakes. Another reason is that all nations can together impose strict regulations on environmental standards including controlling and limiting the amount of greenhouse gas and chemicals allowed to enter atmosphere. It is a well-known fact that people from any places on the earth share the same natural resources such as air and water, which means that the pollution or destructions of natural habitats in one nation can affect neighboring nations as well as the rest of world.

    However, there are much better methods which deserve the topmost attention of the government and people who care about the environment. The first one is to local governments is likely to organize green campaigns annually to cope with environmental issues. In Vietnam, many youngsters who love nature have a tendency to participate in green campaigns that helps plant more trees in places where there used to be forests and collect garages on streets near where they live. Another solution is to at schools, professors can give lessons to pupils about how important the environment is for their lives, thereby raising their awareness of environmental conservation.

    In conclusion, apart from advantages of cooperating between nations in environmental protection, there are more effective ways to make sure that the most desirable results are achieved.

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