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    Describe an interesting book that had a major impact on you

    You should say:

    What is the name of the book and the author
    How did you first hear of the book
    What’s the main story of the book
    and why does it play such an important role in your life.

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    1. Fluency and Coherence
    -When you introduce the name of the book, speak slower with stress on the name as it is very important to make the name hearable to the examiner.
    – You still need to improve your intonation to make your talk more interesting to the examiner.
    – You need to make the pause between sentences or ideas clearer, as you seem to start the new sentences or new ideas too quickly, leaving no time for the examiner to contemplate what you have just said. For example: Next, I will summarize the story. (Pause) This book depicted ….

    2. Grammatical range and accuracy
    – The first time I knew this book when I was at … –> The first time I knew this book is when I was at…: You need a main verb in the sentence.
    – … because of so many previous lesson that it can give my –> …so many precious lessons: after many you need to use plural
    – This book depicted –> This book depicts: There is no reasons to use past tense here, it is like you are telling a fact.
    – This book depicted instruction in handling people … –> This book depicts instruction in various matters ranging from handling people to navigating your life to a happier… positive manner.: You should go from general to specific and do not list too much as listing may be considered as you have limited ideas to talk about, so you list various examples of the same kind.
    – … that my positive attitude is the main factor that can drive my life into a happier and more successful life –> my positive attitude enables my to lead a happier and more successful life: there is repetition of the word “life” in this sentence, so you countable change some words to avoid that.
    – I express honest and sincere appreciation to other people, I will receive the same kind of kindness from them –> the way to receive kindness from people is to appreciate them honestly and sincerely: You already the noun form of appreciation in earlier sentence, so here you can avoid repeating it by changing its form.

    3. Lexical resource
    – “improve my habit” is quite vague in meaning as it is not clear about what habit and improve rarely goes with habit. –> Reading is not only a good habit but also provides me with valuable knowledge.
    – The author emphasizes that success could be found –> …success could be achieved: you should use a more suitable verb in this case
    – how this book impacts and changes my life significantly –> …this book changes my life…: change is enough in this sentence, as the impact of the book is changing your life.

    4. Pronunciation
    Notice final sounds: knowledge /dʒ/
    – Friend /frɛnd/: you pronounce this word like “french” which is not accurate.
    – Precious /ˈprɛʃəs/: it is the sound /ɛ/ not /i/
    – Author /ˈɔːθə/: you should check the pronunciation of this word as now you are pronouncing something like “auto”
    – Interesting /ˈɪnt(ə)rɪstɪŋ/: the correct sound should be /tr/ not /j/

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