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    Describe a famous person you want to meet

    You should say:

    who is he/she
    why do you want to meet him/ her
    why he/she is famous
    and explain what would you do if you meet him/ her.

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    Band score: 6.0 -6.5
    1. Fluency and Coherence
    – You present your talk in normal speed, which helps examiner follow your talk easily. Moreover, you present your topic in a fluent way, with few pauses. However, remember that you need to be natural as well. Therefore, pay attention to pausing at the correct place to emphasize an idea for example.
    – You use linking words to signal each main point of your talk, which makes the main points stand out.
    However, I think the organization of your essay makes you miss some suggested questions. For example, you seem to give reasons why BO is famous together with the reasons why you want to meet him. However, there two are seperate questions “why do you want to meet him/ her” and “why he/she is famous”. Therefore, it is better if you answer the question one by one. Morevoer, the part about what you will do when you meet him should be explored more. As you focus too much on the reasons, you talk very little about the last question.
    2. Grammatical range and accuracy
    You have a good control of grammatical structures. The tense is used appropriately; relative clause is also included in some sentences. Therefore, it is clear that you have a quite vast range of grammatical structures.
    – However, when you introduce the person you want to meet, you can combine the sentences, so that you have a complex sentence. “there is a person that I always dream to meet him in reality. This is President of the USA, president BO” –> “Among various highly influential politicans, the one that I always dreams to meet in real life is President Barack Obama. ”
    – “There are numerous reasons that I want to meet him” –> “…. reasons why I …” : usually reasons should be used with relative pronoun “why” not “that”
    3. Lexical resource
    Your vocabulary is sufficient to express your ideas. However, there are some problems in word choice and repetition. You can avoid the problems mentioned below to diversify your vocabulary range.
    “economic development of American” –> “… of America”: it would be more accurate if you use a country not a noun to represent people in a country.
    “of USA” –> “of the USA”: there is always “the” before USA
    “I am still convincable” –> “… still convinced”: convicable should be used with a fact or similar things instead of used with person. If you mean you believe that something is true, you need to use “convinced”
    You can avoid repetition of the word from the question “famous” by using “well known”. Moreover, instead of using “reality” twice, you can use “real life” or “meet someone in person”
    4. Pronunciation
    – You have a quite clear pronunciation which can help listeners to catch what you are talking about.
    – However, some words should be pronounced more accurately, especially the words containing long vowel, you need to make the long vowels clear enough. Moreover, you should place word stress on the correct syllable. In your speech, some quite basic words are not stressed correctly.
    world /wəːld/: you pronounce just like the word “work”. To make it correct, pronounce the final sound /d/ not /k/.
    reality /rɪˈalɪti/: this word is stressed on the second syllable, while in the recording you stress on the first syllable.
    proven /pruːvn/: similarly, you seem to miss /v/ sound when pronouncing this word.
    Michelle: “ch” in this word should be pronounced as /ʃ/ (like in “ship”)
    environmental /ɪnvʌɪrənˈmɛnt(ə)l/: please stress correctly on the forth syllable
    humanity /hjʊˈmanɪti/: stress on the second syllable. In the recording you put the wrong stress on the first syllable
    – The final sounds are pronounced quite clearly, especially with plural nouns. THis is a good point.

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