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    Describe a film that you recently enjoy watching/ a foreign film you like/ watched

    You should say:

    What’s the name of the movie/ film?
    What’s the theme of the movie/ film?
    Why do you like it?
    and describe the story of the movie in brief

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    1. Fluency and Coherence
    – You need to modify your speed so that there are some changes in your pace of talking instead of keepping the same speed throughout the talk.
    – You need to have stress in your talk, you tend to speak with the same amount of stress for every word in the sentence. Choose some important word and pronounce them with emphasis. For example, the leisure industry has developed –>rapidly<– …..
    – Make sure that the words in phrases should be pronounced without pauses between them. For example, robotic … cat –> you should not pause between these two words as they are in a noun phrase.
    – You answer the second question about the theme is quite similarly to the last question about brief summary of the story. In terms of theme, it is unnecessary to go into detail about the characters, instead you should give general information about what the movie concern that most, for example, family relationship, friendship or innovation…

    2. Grammatical range and accuracy
    You vary from complex to simple sentenc structures. The sentences are well controlled except for some problems.
    and all kind of film –> …all kinds of film: after all you should use plural if the word is countable.
    – some problems the movie raises various concerns –> some problems in the movie….: raises is associated with various concern, so you need to use a preposition between two nouns: problems and the movie.
    – in order to improve Nobita’s life, a robotic cat named Doreamon was spent back in time to protect and guide Nobita: You should omit the last part from “to protect …” as it is uncommon to have two parts to describe purpose in the same sentence.

    3. Lexical resource
    You should avoid address the question too directly. Instead, use different words to introduce each question. For example:
    – to round up, I will summarize the story –> To round up, the main story focuses on Nobita who is a young boy…: you can use another way to introduce the answer for the last question.
    – in order to improve Nobita’s life –> in order to help Nobita get through difficulty in his life: improve life sounds quite formal in this case.
    – Doreamon has a pocket from which he produces items known as gadgets –> Doreamon has a pocket from which he can get a lot of wonderful gadgets.: produce and known as are quite formal to be used to talk about cartoon. Moreover, gadget is gadget, you do not need to define it as item.

    4. Pronunciation
    There are several words that you need to pronounce correctly. The recording contains some errors including incorrect pronunciation, incorrect word stress
    leisure /ˈlɛʒə/: “s” is not pronounced /z/ but it should be pronounced /ʒ/
    developed: you should have the final sound /t/ as it is past participle with “ed” at the end.
    range /reɪn(d)ʒ/: final sound should be pronounced clearly in this word.
    valuable /ˈvaljʊb(ə)l/: “a” in this word is prounounced very slightly, or even missed. However, in the recording, you pronounce it quite clear, so it makes the pronounciation of the word unnatural.
    humanity: this word is stressed on the second syllable, not the first one.
    environmental: this word is stressed on the forth syllable.
    precious /ˈprɛʃəs/: it is /ɛ/ not /i/

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