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As well as making money, business also have social responsibilities

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    As well as making money, business also have social responsibilities. Do you agree or disagree?

    In recent years, beside the primary responsibilities of business is making profit, entrepreneurs are considered as being in charge of their social influence. Although this trend has been receiving a great deal of public attention, it should be implemented as a crucial rule.

    There are a whole host of reasons why making money is always considered as the top priorities target of doing business. First, since money is the fundamental resource to grow a business, company could not go any further without having financial supported. In fact, it is not only employee that need money to make a living but also the extra cost like hiring the office, electricity prices, etc that is required to be paid. Second, by making money, businesses can make a great contribution to the nation’s economy, which results directly to its GDP. This means that standard of living in general will increase incredibly, providing people with a better life.

    On the other hand, corporate responsibilities on society is playing an important role nowadays because of its consequences in both of the environment and human’s life. First, in order to make better profit, some entrepreneurs tend to dispose industrial wastes like fuel, toxic, chemical, etc, into the wild, worsen the living of many creatures including human. This causes more harm than good because it is destroying not only our present lives but also our future descendant’s life. Second, if corporates invest their money on education as well as health for communities, their fame will be improved massively. For example, instead of spending money on a brief advertising on TV to get reputation, business can use that amount of money for fundraising, getting good attention as well as improving people’s life.

    In conclusion, entrepreneurs should pay attention to both of their making money purpose as well as social responsibilities.

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