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    Some organisations believe that their employees should dress smartly. Others value quality of work above appearance.

    Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

    Some organisations nowadays would prefer to employ people who knows how to dress up rather than who only good at their technical skill. However, if you know how to improve yours look it will be an important advantage, especially in some specific job.

    There was a famous maxim call “Eat for yourself, dress for the others “. In office environment, people shouldn’t wear some casual clothes like they are at home, because if you wear too slovenly you could indirectly make the working environment become more carelessly and inattentive place. Working place is a location where you need to contact to your partners, your boss and the other people. Have a good looking will make you confident, therefore help you to be more dynamic and a friendly person.

    And that not the only reason why companies pay attention to their staff’s dressing. Some specific business would need suitable clothes. If you work for a funeral company, you can’t dress too garish or colorful because it will not just break the company environment but also make your customer feel impolite and uncomfortable. Or if you were a business man, instead of having a polite suit you dress a comfortable T shirt and shorts, that will make your client feel unpersuasive and unreliable

    Other people disagree that unless you work in a social business, you will be able to dress some casual clothes. Dress comfortably can lead you to work more effective. For example, if you work at the IT Company that there is no need to communicate with clients, you can dress whatever you like. In this case, I believe they don’t need to wear too politic, but they still need to wear formal clothes like shirt and pant.

    Improve your technical skill is the most important thing for you to be employed. But knowing how to dress and look after your appearance will be a good advantage when you stand in front of the employers.

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