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‘For all children, the ability to play a musical instrument is just as important

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    `For all children, the ability to play a musical instrument is just as important as the ability to read and write.’ How far do you agree with this suggestion? How important is it for a child to learn to play a musical instrument, in your view?

    The question of which skills should be taught for children at an early age is rather debatable for many parents and educators. Although music can claim to be a key subject in school curriculum, I am in favor of basic literacy which is of more importance to all young people.

    There are various reasons for the belief that literacy is paramount for all children. Firstly, playing music is important to develop some abilities in each child but it is not able to replace the role of literacy. According to the statistics, there are some children who are artistically inclined or have a great interest in music. However, such talents are rare and cultural values they gained from learning music cannot genuinely when compared to the benefits of read and writing. Secondly, it is a proven fact that literacy is a guarantee of academic progress and absorption of information, while playing music does not offer this security. By way of illustration, it would be impossible to transmit scientific or mathematical information to children via the medium of music.

    From my perspective, it would be wiser to regard music as one of a wide range of secondary skills, ranking below literacy and sitting alongside with sports, foreign languages and other less essential activities. Of course, those who are support highly talented children must be allowed to develop their talents are quite correct; it is equally true, though, that few children seem to possess musical ability to the extent that it should be prioritized so highly for all young people.

    In conclusion, although the potential benefits of learning to play music for a minority of children should not underestimate, it seems to me that literacy appears to be a must-have pathway for all children.
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    please kindly check my notes here, and feel free to leave comments if you have any questions. Thanks a lot.

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