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    The charts below show the result of a survey on happiness ratings for married and unmarried people in the US, and the effect of children on the overall rating of married couple.
    Summaries the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

    The graph below shows the survey the happiness rating of people who is married and who is not. The other one view how the growing of children in their family effect to their owns happiness.

    The first graph is the comparison between people who still single and who is not. It seems quite easy to see that people who married are much happier than who not. The rate fluctuates between 44% and 45% when they are married. It suddenly falls to 40% when they are in middle-age group (50 to 64 years old) but then gradually grows to 44% at the end of their life. The person who unmarried feels less happiness, only 21% to 22% of them from the teenager to middle age group feel satisfied with their life. But this condition suddenly changes when they are older. At the age of 65 and over, 34 % of them feels satisfied with their life without marrying. But however, this rate still much lower than the married group.

    The next graph shows how aged of their kid affect to the happiness of their family. The happiness rating reaches a peak at 44% when the children under 18 years old. This number is decreases to 41% when the kid started getting older. Nevertheless, compare to the family which have no kid, it seems that there are no significant different. 43% of people who don’t have kids still feel very happy.

    The two graphs below have compared the significant different of the happiness rate between people who married and who is not. They show there is a slightly decrease of happy rate when the children are growing up, but whether they have children there is no different to the group which have.

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