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job satisfaction

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    As most people spend a major part of their adult life at work, job satisfaction is an important element of individual wellbeing.
    What factors contribute to job satisfaction?
    How realistic is the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers?
    Being happy at work, being satisfied at what we involve in a job is, definitely, one of the factors contributing most to a good life as a whole. There are a wide range of elements which affect on job satisfaction. This means that people expect a lot while the truth does not as nice as what they look forward to, so, generally, their expectation does not come true.
    In terms of causes which lead to a satisfying job, salary appears to play an integral role. Take teachers for example, they are required to deal with a huge work load from learning to update knowledge, creating new methods to grab students’ attention or seeking for the best way to tackle the students’ psychological changes. Not stop at that, they seem to work under high pressure not only from the parents but also from their bosses, who both ask them to turn a bad pupil to an excellent expert in the future. Contrastly to the mountainous work, their monthly wage is, sadly, just enough to make a day. As a result, a majority of educational trainers are upset with their high respectful job. Another factor contributing to job satisfaction is how understanding the boss is. If the leader always knows how to stimulate the growth and understand what is going on in the employees’ life, the workers tend to do their best in the job joyfully and voluntarily.
    It is worth admitting that people tend to imagine too positively about the job they apply and the company, itself, tends to show up on the recruitment news. Meanwhile, as mentioned above, there are dozens factors affecting the feelings for job, most of which are not as gorgeous as what they expect and what the company says. Therefore, the reality is contrary to expectation.
    To sum up, job satisfaction is contributed by many elements. What an employee expects does not match with what an employer offers, so it is modifying the high expectation that makes the tasks easier and happier.

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