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Living in a high- rise apartment

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    Some people say that living in a high-rise apartment block is a lonely experience because there is no community spirit. Other say that people who live in high-rise apartments have a much better sense of community than those who live in house

    At the constantly growing of the population, to be an owner of a land-house are becoming more and more difficult. For that reason, high- rise apartment block has been constructed further to respond the requirement of place and price. In that situation, somebody say that there is no community spirit if we lived in the high-rise apartment.

    This argument appears by a really simple reason. If we had a lane- house, it will be easily to meet your neighbor when we wash our car, poured the flower, do exercise at the yard, … There is so much opportunity to having a conversation. But in the opposite, we could only see each other fortunately at the parking, or sometime when we try to get in our flat.

    But this case doesn’t happen all the time. In japan, they have a common practice to greet surrounding people by make a small gift, having a little conversation and introduces themselves. By that way, they all know their neighbors. And inside of some high-rise apartment, there also contain several locations to meet, like shops, café, club, small playground for children.

    My brother living in a high- rise apartment too. He is really a sociable person and he seem completely comfortable about his local. He had made a lot of relationship through the apartment public location like swimming pool, gym. And at some celebrated event, he always invites some neighbor to his room for a meal, coffee, or sometime watches football with them.

    Inconclusion, I believe that high-rise apartment could indirectly decrease or community spirit. But that depends on the friendliness of our neighbors as well. In my opinion, high-rise living is just as socially as living in a house

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