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Money should be spent on creating new public buildings such as museums or town h

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    Money should be spent on creating new public buildings such as museums or town halls rather than renovating the existing ones.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    It is often a debated topic that the government should spend revenue on constructing new structures such as museums or town forums rather than restoring the existing monuments. Although I agree that it is essential to protect constructions from the past, I also do not think spending on public buildings is a waste of money.
    There are several reasons for spending a significant amount of budget on the restoration of historical buildings. First and foremost, they stand as a sentinel of time representing the worth of our ancestors. For example, pyramids of Eygpt are piles of mystery yet to be solved. Every time they explain something related to it, they are discovering unique attributes of our history. Every remain of them at present often represents our cultural heritage. Secondly, they can generate income as tourist sights as well as creating jobs. So many survey statistics have already proven it.
    However, it does not mean that the construction of new buildings should be neglected. To begin, it is not possible to protect all historical buildings, some of them are unrepairable and so should be demolished, so a better architecture can be built. Moreover, maintenance of new buildings is a lot easier when compared to their counterparts. On the long term, the government can solve a lot of money which can be used for the better good.
    To sum up, there are clear benefits of ensuring a large amount of investment into these old buildings as they will influence our present generation. That said, I do not believe spending money on new edifices is a waste of money as this provides essential benefits as well.

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    Hi, please check out the essay correction and feel free to feedback here, thank you so much!

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    I will try to improve it. thankyou for your ideas

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