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More and more people are migrating to cities in search of a better life, but cit

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    Nowadays there are many movements of people from countrysides to urban areas to look for betterment of the their life. Several problems has resulted from this tendency and i believe that government should have surefire solutions to tackle these matters.

    There are many obvious problems of these integrations, the main reasons is that the immigrants may cope with high cost of living in metropolis. An example for this is that the price of electric bills, food or rentals in city are higher than they are in rural areas, so city dwellers may struggle with their basic expenses if they do not have stable a income. Other issues are that living in metropolitan areas, people will confront with traffic congestion, crime and pollution which are factors that would influence their life directly. Multitude of private vehicles travelling on streets and urbanizing are one of main contributions to air pollution which impair people health. There are many gangs in cities which are ready to do some lethal actions to gratify their depraved demands, hence the safety of city dwellers are not assured everywhere.

    Since such issues are serious, the government should take issues immediately to tackle these problems. Firstly, factories and industrial zones should be moved to remote areas to create more job opportunities for people living in such areas as a way to reduce population density in city. Public transport should be promoted, heavy punishments towards factories that discharge untreated waste on the water or individual actions which deteriorate environment are feasible measures to help ameliorate air quality in city.
    Another method is affordable house should be built to help immigrants settle their accommodation. Additionally, authorities should do campaigns, propaganda to educate people the sense of affections, social morals so that people can live in harmony.

    In conclusion, there are many negative consequences of movement from countryside to metropolis, but viable steps need to be taken by government and individuals to deal with occurring matters.

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    sao bảo là sẽ feedback trong vòng 24g, sao giờ vẫn chua thay đá động gì hết

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    Bai up 2 tuan roi ma chua thay sua

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