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    Music is considered as a universal art which can connect people all around the world, regardless of the region and age. In my point of view, I support this idea wholeheartedly due to some following reasons.
    On the one hand, some people argue that music presents personality and individualism, rather than connection. First, people have different taste of music and they can have distinguished thoughts and feelings about the same song. For example, classical piano sonate can bring serenity to someone but make other feel depressed. Secondly, people have tendency to enjoy the music on their own because it is hard to share the same interest with others. As a result, people often plug the headphone in their ears and ignore the outside world noises.
    On the other hand, I contend that music is truly a mean of communication. To begin with, music can break the language barrier between nations. A good melody and an energetic vibe from a song can spread widely all over the world. Songs connect soul to soul and evoke a variety of emotions in the audience. The strong connection can be best illustrated by an international music festivals, which contain people from many cultures sharing the same affection towards music. Furthermore, music has the power to bring many generations together. Music is long-lasting because it never gets old. The melody and the rhythm can go fast and slow but there is no age limitation. For instance, classic songs written in the war decades of Vietnam still make the youth feel awestruck and appreciate the heroic dedication of the older generation.
    In conclusion, while music can express individual selves, I am of the opinion that music creates a magical connection among various cultures and generations.

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