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    I need you to check my consonant (or liaison) and suggestion to improve the grammar and vocab

    1/ Are you work or study?

    Currently, Im a senior at LQD highschool for the gifted which is the best school in the city. The admission here is incredibly competitive so i do take a lot of pride being a student here.

    2/ Which subject do you study

    I major in biology so as u can guess I deal w a lot of numbers day in day out. It can be really overwhelming sometimes. But it’s okay because I have an aptitude for maths and calculations

    3/ why did you choose to study that subject

    Biology helps me understand the interaction between humanity and the world. It also develops interests in the lives of living organisms in an effort to preserve them. That’s why Im really keen on studying bio.

    4/ what is the most difficult part of your study?

    On behalf of the student association, I would give you advice if you are admitted to our school< you have to be able to handle the workload, which is extremely tremendous. You have to relinquish your sleep habits to meet the deadline. I mean academic rigorous is the bread and butter of gifted highschool. However, there are many extracurricular activities for the student to take a mental break so it’s okay.

    4/ Do u prefer to study in the morning or in the afternoon?

    I actually choose to study late at night. Because I’m the nocturnal kind of student. Besides there is no distraction at night

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    [10/19/2019, 10:38:12 PM] Cám ơn các bạn!

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