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People have different job expectations for jobs

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    [5/17/2019, 8:50:01 PM] Cám ơn các bạn!

    People have different job expectations for jobs. Some people prefer to do the same job for the same company, whereas others prefer to change jobs frequently.
    Write about the advantages and disadvantages of each viewpoint

    Nowadays, some people believe that changing job time to time helps an employee to get more experience and a better job, while others disagree with this opinion and argue that it will destroy their reputation as an employee. This essay disagrees with this viewpoint altering a job helps an individual in becoming a successful person. One group of advocates reckons that people do not have stuck to a job for their job whole life because they think in this way they learn more and find a suitable job at the end. To illustrate this, a recent study conducted by World Economics Forums results that when a worker works at various places and companies rather doing a single job, that enhances one to understand that people in their work life is easier. However, I disagree with this viewpoint because this attitude does not work everywhere.

    On the other side, who consider doing one job in one company is a principal way of generating more positives presents an argument that in this way they understand each and every problem of their company very nearly, moreover, they know how to fix it. From my point of view, they may get higher positions in their company as an honour by getting the trust of the company. In 2014, Cambridge Business School concluded that 90c/o of CEO’s of tech tycoon companies such as Google hire those persons for their foremost positions who do not have any background altering information profile. As a result, they got more respect and money in the old age.

    To conclude, it is not a terminating idea to change a profession or job, although doing it regularly gives many deteriorating effects on one’s resume and one get failed to get the honourable position

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    My dear students

    Please, check out the essay correction file, any concern or misunderstood you could comment below, then I would respond it asap.

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    Sir I use a method of one idea in each paragraph accroding to IELTS to IELTS 7 band criteria and I do not use more cohesive devices and for lexis I use enough vocabulary forb6.5 bands and why give me lower score please teach me.

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