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Playing sports and participating in physical exercises

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    Playing sports and participating in physical exercises is an essential part of our daily life. Especially in today’s society, where people care about their health, participation in physical activity has been strongly promoted as part of a healthy lifestyle. I will be told you about the benefits of physical exercise, and also some disadvantages to playing sports and participating in physical exercises.
    Firstly, playing sports will be improved our health and build a firm body. Therefore, many gym centers or sports organizations open and welcome a huge number of people to take part in. Besides, playing sport contributes to avoiding some health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart attack,…With the spread of fast food, many people tend to enjoy these foods which makes them gain weight uncontrollably, and it will cause many diseases.
    On the other hand, excess playing can be a disadvantage in sports. This will keep children away from all other activities like social gatherings, community activities, picnics, and many others. This can also have a bad effect on their studies. Sometimes they will face with physical injuries. I remember our neighbor’s young child he was a very good football player. He used to play a lot and one day he had an accident and he had to miss a class of school for one month.
    In conclusion, if we all maintain our routine then we can keep ourselves away from all the disadvantages.I believe that playing sports and participating in physical exercises play an essential role in our daily life

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    Bạn ơi update đề cho mình với nha!!

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    Hi bạn,
    Bài của bạn về phần idea còn yếu. Trả lời không thực sự đúng trọng tâm đề bài và chưa phát triển đủ ý. Về phần từ vựng vẫn chưa viết được nhiều từ liên quan đến chủ đề. Bạn cũng chủ ý lần sau note cả đề bài để người đọc chấm bài cho đúng nha.
    Chúc bạn học tốt!

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