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    The legislation has not been used in more than half a century and gives Lam the power to bypass the city’s legislature to “make any regulations whatsoever which he (or she) may consider desirable in the public interest.” Lam said the new law was subsidiary legislation and so will be debated by the Legislative Council — where pro-government parties hold a majority — when they meet later this month.
    Introduced in 1922, the law was last used in 1967 during the leftist riots, that were followed by a campaign of terrorist bombings across Hong Kong and pitched battles between protesters and police. Fifty-one died throughout the turmoil, including 10 police officers.
    The new law bans people from wearing facial coverings that obscure their identity, including paint, at unauthorized or authorized protests, or public processions. Those found guilty face up to a year in prison and a HKD $25,000 ($3,100) fine.
    Lam said the regulation contains exemptions for people who do have legitimate reasons to wear face coverings — such as for religious, medical, or professional purposes.
    Defiant protesters
    What originally started out as a peaceful march descended into chaos on Friday evening — with MRT stations burned, the Bank of China set on fire and police attacked in the streets.
    Senior Superintendent Yolanda Yu confirmed a man had been shot and was undergoing surgery.
    “At this point, the man is in surgery. We need to further investigate. We cannot investigate now because we cannot contact the man who was shot,” she told reporters.
    An earlier statement from Hong Kong police said an angry mob of protesters had thrown petrol bombs at a police officer, before trying to take his pistol which had dropped on the ground.
    Police said the incidents “poses a serious threat to public peace and order,” and that officers will deploy “appropriate force to disperse the rioters.”
    Tear gas was deployed across Hong Kong to disperse the crowds, but fires continue to rage on throughout the territory.
    In response to the escalation in violence, MTR spokesperson Brian Chow confirmed that all rail and subway transport services had been shut down.
    Chow said there was no plan to re-open the stations at this stage, and that the MTR was “still analyzing” the number of stations that were set ablaze.
    The closure affects 161 stations across Hong Kong.
    All masked protesters risk being arrested from midnight on Friday, once the emergency law comes into effect. If arrested, they could face a year in prison.

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