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Practising any topic – Writing cover letter

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    Note: Mình đang luyện viết các văn bản vs ngữ pháp trước khi vào task – Các bạn sửa lỗi dùm mình nha. Chưa cần phải chấm điểm đâu ^^

    I had a chance to work as a volunteer for UNDP about climate change and environmental issues for a long time, so I realised that I am really into climate change and sanitation problems in the world. In Vietnam, recently natural disaster and man-made disaster are extremely serious and at an alarming level, they have seriously affected the life and production of Vietnam’s people. Some living in Vietnam see climate change issues as abstract, too big of a problem to relate to their daily life, or that their action is not influencing to the big picture. However, most of the Vietnam youth increasingly concern about environmental issues, especially adverse effects on human beings. For the world, for example in the UK, the environment was ranked after Brexit and health, but is ahead of the economy, crime and immigration. People of the UK are putting the environment among their top concern and no wonder.
    Thus, we should know that this ongoing irresponsible behaviour will no doubt be remembered in history as one of the greatest failures of humankind. Concerning these above, I would like to be one of the young people increasing communications improving public awareness about environmental protection. With 6-year experience working for many projects as a coordinator and project officer in Vietnam, flexibility working ability, eager to learn and the enthusiasm of youth about environmental contamination, I really appreciate being considered for this position.

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