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      People living in large cities today face many problems in their everyday life. What are these problems? Should governments encourage people to move to smaller regional towns?

      There are a number of problems which citizens have to deal everyday. However, steps can be taken to tackle these problems, and one of the most effective solutions is encouraging citizens to leave for smaller regional towns.
      There are three main issues that seriously affect daily urban life. To begin with, overpopulation is no doubt becoming one of the considerable problems existing in inner – city, which causes many adverse impacts on human’s life such as traffic congestion and the lack of accommodations. Another serious problem that residents in densely populated areas are facing is air pollution as a consequence of not only vehicle fumes but also smoke from factories and industrial zones. As a result, contaminated air poses a huge threat to human’s health such as lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. Finally, family relationship of individuals living in big cities is at risk of breakdown because family members are too busy handling their own business rather than spend time together.
      In order to reduce these problems, governments have taken many different solutions, and encouraging citizens to move to rural areas is one of the most effective options for many reasons. Firstly, moving people from areas of high population density to lower ones prevents overpopulation in big cities. As a result, traffic quality is improved. Secondly, fewer people gathering in one area means less garbage as well as vehicles, and hence reduces environmental pollution and uplifts human’s physical condition. Finally, living standard is lower in rural areas, which does not put too much pressure on people to make ends meet. Therefore, they can spend more time building tighter family relationship.
      In conclusion, there are a number of problems that people have to face when they live in big cities. But governments can tackle these problems by encouraging citizens to move to smaller towns.

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