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Purpose of zoos is not only to entertain people.

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    Zoo is a place where people can find a variety of different species. Some people reckon that the only aim of zoo in entertain people. But from my point of view, I don’t absolutely agree with this opinion and I believe that zoos also have another aims.

    First of all, I can’t deny that entertain is one of the most important purposes of zoos. Zoos have beautiful scenery like a mini world of animals and plants. We can find a wide range of species from all parts of the Earth in zoos. In Ho Chi Minh city, Thao Cam Vien which also called Sai Gon Zoo and Botanical Garden has pure air, nice view and plentiful of animals especially endangered species. This is a good way people who want to spend time with family and friends at the weekend.

    Second, zoo is a place where animals can be taken care carefully and can be saved from being killed by hunters. Animals in zoo are look after by experienced staff. Animals are fed on time and checked health periodically. Besides, zoos is a good environment for scientist research animal behavior and find the way to protect endangered species from extinct.

    Furthermore, zoo is the best place to educate children about wildlife. For instance, children can be more excited with their biology lesson when they can see by eyes and get knowledge from their own experiments in the zoo. It also a good way to raise their awareness of protecting animals.

    In short, zoos not only play a key role in the entertainment of the society but also in education, in scientific research and in species conservation. That is the reason why government should maintain and develop the quality of the zoos.

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    Please update the topic of your writing and upload word file.

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    TOPIC: Some people argue that the purpose of zoos is only to entertain people. What do you think? What other purposes of zoos?

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    [12/1/2019, 9:30:50 PM] Cám ơn các bạn!

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