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rich and poor children

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    Topic 10: Children who grow up in families which are short of money are better prepared with the problems of adult life than children who are brought up by wealthy parents. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    It is universally believed that children whose parents have to struggle to meet necessary amenities in daily life may be well equipped with life experience for later adulthood in comparison with those from affluent families. Although some people suppose that this opinion is unfounded, I totally agree with this because of several reasons.
    To begin with, It is indisputable that children who was born and brought up in poor living conditions are more likely to cope with unexpected difficulties in later life. Living in disadvantaged background, youngsters usually suffer from lack of food, running water, and access to basic medical services , training them to be stronger to survive even in the extremely harsh conditions. Besides that, children from low socioeconomic status also learnt how to make money from the early stage by polishing shoes or selling small items on streets for passers due to their desire for better education; therefore, they have a opportunity to exposed to such a competitive world soon and, in turns, can make a wiser decision as well as value money.
    Conversely, it would be more difficult for children from rich families to join in adult life owing to experience deficiency during childhood. A noticeable consequence of the extreme care is the high likelihood to be get involve in crimes. The abundant financial support from wealthy parents in combination with the little exposure to dangers in real life may unintendedly lead their children to wasting money on habit-forming drugs like tobacco to show themselves, which is the weakness usually exploited by criminals. Additionally, some children can also become rather arrogant with the view that money is the powerful tool for gaining everything including love and relationships, making them hardly get on well with other co-workers in workplace, neighbors or even relatives.
    In conclusion, I want to reaffirm my view that children living under poverty line have a better preparedness for future

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